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There are occasions where surgical accidents happen and more is removed.If a hospital or clinic obtained consent to use the foreskin for purposes they felt were desired, the removed foreskin may then be sold at that point, even if the baby didn’t survive.After the baby was circumcised, if the goal is to sell the foreskin for profit, it can be preserved and legally sold. Once the foreskin has been obtained by researchers in a lab, it is further processed.

These cells play an important role in wound healing and skin recovery.Researchers are also using foreskin to create a human telomerase reverse transcriptase (h TERT) immortalized cell line for use in vaccines.Cells isolated from infant foreskin are preferred because the infant cells have a longer lifespan than those isolated from adult foreskin.What we call foreskin is actually part of a whole skin system in both males and females.During the male circumcision procedure, twenty to fifty percent of the skin that protects the baby’s penis is surgically removed, with or without pain medicine.

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